Referral Program

Our success comes from your recommendations and word of mouth advertising

In Exchange for a referral leading to a sale of any of the below services or products, we will pay you the corresponding dollar amount.

Service / ProductReferralPayment
Clean and Service Check$15
Preferred Customer Annual Agreement$30
80% Furnace Install1st$75
3rd$125 (Locked in at this rate)
90% Furnace Install1st$100
3rd$200 (Locked in at this rate)
Full A/C Installation1st$100
3rd$200 (Locked in at this rate)
UV Light Install$30
Electric Air Cleaner$35
Media Filter$25
Service Call$25

Payments for referrals are based on our standard billing rates. They do not apply to any specials being offered at the time. Rates subject to change at any time. Program subject to cancellation at any time. Customer must mention your name upon inquiry.